Your community’s classroom

Connect with local educator friends and expand your family’s knowledge together

Design For your family and friends

Create a learning plan that's a perfect fit for you and your crew.

See how far you've come with a simple glance at your shared progress.

Leap into learning with classes your friends already love.

Find out who's joining the educational fun and get in on the action.

Create Engaging Lessons

Parents or tutors can create custom lesson plans on Easylii's platform, making learning personally relevant and engaging for every child.

How it works:

Utilize the drag-and-drop lesson builder to easily assemble a lesson, populating it with interactive content that captivates and educates.

Seamless Lesson Sharing

Coordinate events or lessons and share them within your community without the back-and-forth hassle.

How it works:

With a few clicks, distribute your lesson plans or event details to selected community members, ensuring they’re looped in and ready to participate.

Integrated Learning Calendar

Children and parents can conveniently join classes or events that fit seamlessly into their family schedule.

How it works:

The platform’s integrated calendar syncs with your personal one, allowing you to keep track of upcoming educational activities and plan around them effortlessly.

Added extras

Stay in the Loop

Never miss a beat with notifications for event starts, friend requests, and community interactions.

Chat with Friends

Talk securely, share learning resources, and synchronize schedules with everyone in your community.

Keep Organized

Gather notes, plan lessons, and track homework in one organized, accessible spot.

Explore More Features

Track Your performance

Track daily, weekly and progress and celebrate wins with clear, actionable insights.

Skills Development Goals

Set goals, chase skills, and watch your future unfold. With Easylii you're always achieving.

Discover Personal Traits

Learn what makes your child shine with insights into their natural talents and areas to blossom.

Family Learning collection

Gather and organize learning materials in a personal collection so its easy to keep the whole family's learning in sync.

Progression and Assessment

Use our interactive tools to evaluate and enlighten, while offering a clearer understanding of your mental agility.

All-inclusive Protection

We handle the complexities, so you can focus on the learning—your intellectual property and personal safety are our priority.

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Revitalize your teaching
Create lessons that reflect your students' curiosity and match their ambitions.

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Energize your home classroom
Guide your child through enriching lessons that you and your peers trust and recommend.

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Transform your study time
Engage with learning that excites you and is shaped by those who know you best.

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