Family Social Learning center Platform

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Create, collaborate, educate

Ignite your family’s passion for learning and creativity


Create lessons that reflect your students' curiosity and match their ambitions.


Guide your child through enriching lessons that you and your peers trust and recommend.


Engage with learning that excites you and is shaped by those who know you best.

Your Learning, Your Way

Personalized lessons, activities, or things you could do together whenever and wherever. You may be amazed at how talented your friends could be.

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Create your Lessons

Create lesson plans that are as fun to make as they are to teach, with our quick block-building experience.

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Organize your event

Plan events that spark joy, from backyard quests to online treasure hunts. Be the hero of your community!

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Visual Calendar

Effortlessly plan your family's educational adventures and activities. With our Visual Calendar, scheduling is simple, smart, and never a chore. Let the fun begin!

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Interactive Classroom

Our classroom makes interactive learning easy. Explore educational content that adapts to you and cheers on your progress. Let's make learning an everyday celebration!

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What's more

Track Your Performance

Track daily, weekly and progress and celebrate wins with clear, actionable insights.

Skills Development Goals

Set goals, chase skills, and watch your future unfold. With Easylii you're always achieving.

Discover Personal Traits

Learn what makes your child shine with insights into their natural talents and areas to blossom.

Progression and Assessment

Use our interactive tools to evaluate and enlighten, while offering a clearer understanding of your mental agility.

Family Learning Collection

Gather and organize learning materials in a personal collection so its easy to keep the whole family's learning in sync.

All-inclusive Protection

We handle the complexities, so you can focus on the learning—your intellectual property and personal safety are our priority.

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Our Happy Families

Testimonial Client
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Finding a community of fellow homeschooling parents through the app has been a game-changer. We've been able to share lesson plans, educational resources, and support each other through challenges. It feels like we've built our own virtual village dedicated to our children's education.

Testimonial Client
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Super Coder


"I was hesitant about adding more screen time for my 7-year-old, but Easylii's interactive lessons are just what we needed. They're engaging, educational, and surprisingly hands-on. It's been a joy watching my child eagerly tackle new subjects.

Testimonial Client
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Environmental Scientist


As parents new to homeschooling, Easylii has been our guiding light. The platform's ease of use, combined with the wealth of resources, has made our transition smooth. It's not just our kids who are learning – we're growing alongside them, which has been a beautiful journey.

Testimonial Client
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Freelance Writer


Joining the Easylii platform introduced us to a community of like-minded parents. We've shared resources, tips, and even organized group learning sessions. This sense of community has enriched our family's educational journey, providing support and new friendships.

Testimonial Client
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IT Consultant


The scheduling feature has simplified our homeschool routine like never before. Juggling between my job and my 10-year-old's education was overwhelming, but now we have a clear, organized plan for each day. It's reduced stress for both of us and made learning more enjoyable.

Testimonial Client
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Web Developer


The personalized learning paths on Easylii have been a game-changer for our family's homeschooling routine. My 8-year-old daughter, who has always struggled with math, is now thriving thanks to the customized lessons that cater to her learning pace. It's incredible to see her confidence grow!

Testimonial Client
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Graphic Designer


As a single dad, balancing work and my son's education has been challenging. However, Easylii's micro learning communities allowed us to connect with other families and share teaching responsibilities. It's not just an app; it's a support system that's strengthened our learning experience.